Crawford, J.W. - "Locations for Canines" DVD

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J.W. Crawford's "Locations for Canines" DVD covers the fine art of location finding in all parts of the country. Filmed in three states, dozens of locations are showcased. From coyotes in the west to coyotes in the east and red fox trapping in the last great fox stronghold, all aspects of location finding for canines is explained. Filmed on actual working traplines, this DVD is sure to increase your knowledge of canines. J.W. Crawford is the author of the Extreme Video series and several other books and videos. As a trapper for over 25 years and a student of some of the finest canine trappers today, he gives the viewer one on one instructions on proper and deadly canine location finding techniques. This is a must have for any canine trapper. Topics covered: Using maps Locations for red fox Locations for grey fox Coyote locations east/west Dispersal travelways Diversions and blockage points Road trapping Dirthole sets 101 Mountain coyote trapping Outtakes

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